Extend the Life of Your Roof

Use acrylic roof coatings for your property in Waco, TX

A roof coating is an excellent way to extend the life of your roof, but you need to choose the right coating for your property. At Rhino Roofing Systems, we install acrylic roof coatings for clients in the Waco, TX area. Your roofing contractor can help you determine whether acrylic will work with your current roofing material and the type of property it's protecting.

Contact your local roofer at Rhino Roofing Systems right away to discuss acrylic roofing coatings for your home or business.

The pros and cons of acrylic roof coatings

The pros and cons of acrylic roof coatings

Acrylic roof coatings are similar to acrylic paint, and they are applied in a similar way. One of the benefits of acrylic is that it can be applied smoothly on rough surfaces. Once applied, it protects the roof during heavy rain and from high temperatures.

The pros of acrylic coatings include:

  • High reflectivity: it can save you money on cooling in the summer.
  • Intuitive performance: it's easy to install and maintain.
  • Cost-effectiveness: it's affordable and lasts a long time.
  • Dirt-resistance: acrylic is easy to keep clean, increasing its effectiveness.

The cons of acrylic coatings include:

  • Lack of water-resistance: pooling water left after rainstorms can weaken the material.
  • Loss of thickness: repeated exposure to severe weather can thin the acrylic.

Acrylic roof coatings are a highly effective roofing solution. Contact your trusted roofing contractor at Rhino Roofing Systems in Waco, TX to see if it's right for you.