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Ask about our silicone roofing coatings in Waco, TX

If you're looking for a long-term way to protect your roof, silicone roof coatings may be the solution. By working with a professional roofing contractor at Rhino Roofing Systems, you can get the most out of your roofing system.

A silicone restoration membrane is a versatile, self-flashing silicone material that's perfect for roof renewal. After your existing roof is clean and repaired, we'll spray or roll on the silicone coating to seal any imperfections. This also adds a waterproof layer to your roof.

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Discover the benefits of silicone roof coatings

Discover the benefits of silicone roof coatings

Before you install a silicone roof coating, it's important to understand the pros and cons. Your local roofing contractor can help you select the right coating for your home or business.

We recommend silicone roof coatings because they can:

  • Withstand the sun's UV rays
  • Save you money by delaying your roof replacement
  • Reduce your energy expenses

In addition to their long-term benefits, silicone roof coatings can take 30% less time to install than other coating options.

Any roof coating requires the help of a qualified, local roofing contractor. Speak with the experts at Rhino Roofing Systems right away to discuss using silicone roof coatings for your roof in Waco, TX.